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My imagination is triggered by a conversation, physical expression, a look in the eye, a personal experience or a humorous quotation. My work is about story, relationships and reactions to situations transformed into images.

About Bridget's Art

If the idea enlivens my imagination I know it has “legs”. Initially I doodle it in my sketch book to find out whether, with more work, it will succeed as perceived or whether the story begins to transform itself resonating the final image. Alive to this energy I use charcoal and pastel. This is a deeply engrossing, magical experience. This way of being threads through my life as an artist, performer, singer and teacher. I create my response to story through images.

I paint on canvass and 140lb water colour paper using either acrylic or water colour. I use thin washes to build-up the intensity of colour.

I’m a colour junky. If I’ve been working in pencil or charcoal I crave the sensuous excitement of colour. I tape paper to a board and splash it on rarely using sombre hues; I love the spin oranges, reds, deep pinks, yellows, turquoise and blues all give me.

Commission Bridget

I love ideas. If you have a memory, a significant, humorous or otherwise moment you would like to capture I’d love to hear it, to liaise with you to transform it into an image you’ll treasure. : 020 8883 8397
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